Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Married

Well My wedding day has come and gone and it was amazing I love every moment aye:) Dave and I enjoyed our honeymoon is queenstown we travelled alot went as far as bluff which was the end of da road. Well married life is going well I am enjoying having dave around and also he helps me alot in the kitchen or doing housework! so yea yesturday dave played cricket and sumner which was fun I thought I better surpport my husband in this he enjoyes and anyways they lost but he wasnt to put out about it. My holiday is nearly over and i back to owrk on wednesday oh well today we are going to the art centre to have a look around and maybe a coffee or sumit hope u all are having fun and enjoying your day and well see you all tonight at church and steve I wont be later tonight ;p

Thursday, January 04, 2007

21 more sleeps

Well hello all you bloggers out there how are oyu on this beautiful day in Chirstchurch:) so yea I thought I better update this blog aye

well wedding is coming closer and all is going well I have moved into my own place and its going:) but I have missed da home cooked meals but I am getting there I love to cook aye so all good hope your day is going well :)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jam.Fish Flavoured- Sharks LOVE It!


Hey Eveybody and welcome to the newsletter!

Well we changed our name to NZL for bowling on Thursday night and I must say NEXT TIME I bowl for my country, I WILL do a haka! It's just that we were 20 minutes late!

Next week my shirt will be finished thanks to my wonderful sponsors, the Batesville Milk Courier Company and of course Grizzly's Bar & Bistro. Those guys have been awesome!

But on the night last week- 70 & 86 COME ON DAVE! (Whilst slapping forehead!).

Anyway, lets get down to the nuts and bolts!

In One Word!

Food- Eaten
No Order on Fridays-Sweet
Bledisloe Cup-Ours
New Rugby format-Awesome
Tasman Makos-Awesome

And to sign off!

Word of the Issue-Calmly

Till then, Laters

And knowing that I do NOT hug COMPUTERS!


Dave the Rave

Friday, July 21, 2006

Jam, Fish Flavoured, Sharks LOVE it!


Hey welcome to the letter!

"Not Pretty"! The word from Sharks president David Bates after a VERY dismal performance For the last
2 WEEKS firstly we bowled on Friday and I came Last including to a guest CHICK who spent ALL night talking it up. She said to the Canadians and I quote "Scotty, You suck!" and he was on 99 at the time!

My score For one game- 62! Is that stupid or what?

Then Last night- 64 & 76 BOTH PATHETIC! but I was experiment with technique LEADING UP TO ball release and ball size.


Form is Temporary, Class is Permanent!

This Issues' In One Word:

WORK- Cold
AT HOME- Different
HANK- Yummy
NEXT YEAR- Married

So on that note- LATERS!

Word of the Issue-Bells!

See you Later

Dave the Rave

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm still here.........

So I thought I would update my blog since it is not very nice outside but it is winter after all.

Hey Well I thought I better let you know and hope you put us in your prayers umm My Father last Thursday found out that he has to have a quadtuple heart bypass so I was glad I took the day off to be with mum as she needed my help that day so that night they had to cancel there overseas trip and other bookings for there business for 3 months. Brad my brother and his wife Coral whos a doctor will be able montor dad when he comes out of hospital they are arriving next week from up north.

Clayton and Cherie and their son Zach will be home from England next month so I can't wait my dads brother is coming from Auckland for the weekend to spend some time with us all so that will be fun so yeah a lot is happening here at the moment I am sorry if I am saying this all at once it's been so long since I updated this blog aye. It has been a real hard month and being a rock to my mum is all I can be aye:) Dave has been a rock to me and being there at this time I am hoping he will update this blog too:) but I am thankyou and I am also thankful for the love of an awesum church who care and that is what is keepng me going through theses times hugs to everyone and well catch up in a day or 2:)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JAM- FISH FLAVOUR! - Sharks Love It! Issue 1

Hey the Batesville Sharks president here! Just adding my 2 cents worth before the Mooloos take up the WHOLE blog!

Fresh Choice- Cool
Church and Groups- Educational

That's IN 1 WORD for this issue

Word for the Issue- Awesome!

Well this could be longer but everyone else is complaining!


Dave da Rave

Thursday, June 08, 2006

2 more sleeps

well my stay with mikalya and Gina has come to a end as my parents come home sunday morning which will be fun to see them agian.

I have enjoyed staying here being close to town and being able to walk is marvell. I know there hasn't been much to write about in this time but watch this space.....