Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm still here.........

So I thought I would update my blog since it is not very nice outside but it is winter after all.

Hey Well I thought I better let you know and hope you put us in your prayers umm My Father last Thursday found out that he has to have a quadtuple heart bypass so I was glad I took the day off to be with mum as she needed my help that day so that night they had to cancel there overseas trip and other bookings for there business for 3 months. Brad my brother and his wife Coral whos a doctor will be able montor dad when he comes out of hospital they are arriving next week from up north.

Clayton and Cherie and their son Zach will be home from England next month so I can't wait my dads brother is coming from Auckland for the weekend to spend some time with us all so that will be fun so yeah a lot is happening here at the moment I am sorry if I am saying this all at once it's been so long since I updated this blog aye. It has been a real hard month and being a rock to my mum is all I can be aye:) Dave has been a rock to me and being there at this time I am hoping he will update this blog too:) but I am thankyou and I am also thankful for the love of an awesum church who care and that is what is keepng me going through theses times hugs to everyone and well catch up in a day or 2:)