Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jam.Fish Flavoured- Sharks LOVE It!


Hey Eveybody and welcome to the newsletter!

Well we changed our name to NZL for bowling on Thursday night and I must say NEXT TIME I bowl for my country, I WILL do a haka! It's just that we were 20 minutes late!

Next week my shirt will be finished thanks to my wonderful sponsors, the Batesville Milk Courier Company and of course Grizzly's Bar & Bistro. Those guys have been awesome!

But on the night last week- 70 & 86 COME ON DAVE! (Whilst slapping forehead!).

Anyway, lets get down to the nuts and bolts!

In One Word!

Food- Eaten
No Order on Fridays-Sweet
Bledisloe Cup-Ours
New Rugby format-Awesome
Tasman Makos-Awesome

And to sign off!

Word of the Issue-Calmly

Till then, Laters

And knowing that I do NOT hug COMPUTERS!


Dave the Rave