Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Married

Well My wedding day has come and gone and it was amazing I love every moment aye:) Dave and I enjoyed our honeymoon is queenstown we travelled alot went as far as bluff which was the end of da road. Well married life is going well I am enjoying having dave around and also he helps me alot in the kitchen or doing housework! so yea yesturday dave played cricket and sumner which was fun I thought I better surpport my husband in this he enjoyes and anyways they lost but he wasnt to put out about it. My holiday is nearly over and i back to owrk on wednesday oh well today we are going to the art centre to have a look around and maybe a coffee or sumit hope u all are having fun and enjoying your day and well see you all tonight at church and steve I wont be later tonight ;p


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